Egypt activists, media to protest tortured journalists taken to court by military

CAIRO: Liberal Egypt news website al-Badil called on journalists and human rights activists to join them in a protest outside the Press Syndicate in Cairo on Saturday after two of its reporters who were assaulted by security forces and military police during recent clashes, were taken to court by police, who are accusing them of participating in the violence.

Islam Abu el-Ezz and Ahmed Ramadan were arrested while covering the development of the violent clashes and attacks on protesters in the populated area of Abbassiya last April.

Military police assaulted them violently following their arrest and the two were in a very poor medical states when they were released almost five days after.

Many activists and human rights bodies have announced their support for the two reporters and a rights defense team will be joining them.

The first court session will be held on Sunday.

Egypt police attacked journalists, but now trying to charge them.

President Mohamed Morsi said in a recent meeting with newspaper Editor-in-chiefs that he would look into the cases.

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