Saudi source reveals the arrest of Al-Amoudi owner of refinery “Samir”

The former Saudi billionaire, Mohammed Hussein al-Amoudi, is under strict security guard in a room on the top floor of one of the most luxurious hotels in the Saudi capital after the Saudi authorities issued a decision to arrest him for his involvement in corruption cases inside and outside Saudi Arabia. And a group of former Saudi businessmen and officials.

The arrest of the powerful businessman, who built his wealth thanks to the fortune of the Saudi businessman and banker, Khalid, is the second blow to Al Amoudi from the Saudi royal ocean after the first strike he received in 2015 in Tangier by denying him access to the royal residence of the Saudi monarch Because of a scandal involved in the bankruptcy of the refinery and Mohammed Mohammediyah and touched the energy security of Morocco, which brings together Saudi Arabia strategic relations.

During the year 2016, Al-Amoudi received strict orders from the upper circles close to the Saudi royal court to settle his financial position with the Moroccan government and to repay his cumulative debts of more than $ 4.4 billion, which the Ethiopian billionaire did not abide by.

As Al-Amoudi continues to collect the proceeds of his tourism projects in Morocco, through his right-hand assistant Jamal Baamer, who carried out his skin after traveling to Dubai before moving to Paris a few hours before the Saudi political earthquake, a Saudi official said in a statement to Haspress: And the Moroccan banks are required to take advantage of this opportunity and the development of requests for the recovery of their debt from Amoudi, especially since the Saudi law gives it this possibility.

The source added: “What is lost right behind the student, and the right of our brothers in the Kingdom of Morocco Mahfouz, provided they take the legal procedures quickly,” adding that “Saudi Arabia will not tolerate the looting of public funds, or touched the public funds of brotherly countries, Morocco more than a sister country “He said.

The source confirmed that the arrest of Mohammed Hussein al-Amoudi came after an in-depth investigation revealed his involvement in obtaining fictitious credits worth four billion dollars from the Saudi King Abdullah Fund for Agricultural Investment to finance agricultural projects for rice in Ethiopia and the construction of a pier in the port of Eritrea to export this rice towards Saudi Arabia ; Projects that have not been fulfilled, prompting the higher circles to arrest him and open an investigation in this file and a collection of other files.

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